Constant Reminders

I’m Constantly reminded that I live in an are of Magnificent Natural beauty, Just driving from one place to another in Northwest Michigan fills me with hope for better days, reminds me that Beauty is ever present, and you never know what you will see around the next bend in the road

Yesterday I was out for a drive with my best friend Barbara, not doing much of anything, apart from going to drop off some computer equipment I had given away on freecycle… anyways driving down a road I’d Driven down many times before, I was hit in the face with an Awesome View!

I’ve Changed over from Jpeg to Raw (DNG) on my camera, it gives me a broader set of choices when Processing. thought it was hard to get Windows 7 to display Previews of my Raw images (took me a couple of hours and several computer re-starts) but I finally get to preview the images before I process them…. which is nice as I thought I would have to go back and change my settings again and do dual format (dng+Jpeg)

I really do love Northwest Michigan, its a splendid scenic area…..


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