Sports an English View.

I can’t really say I’m much of a Fan of American sports, Baseball, seems boring (and this from an Ardent Cricket fan), American football (a tame version of rugby, with Padding) Basketball is big in England (but of course its played by girls, and called netball)

But then I’m not a big fan of Our football (called soccer, by the Americans) either, even though in my youth I was an Excellent Goalkeeper, and a Rugged Defensive player. and even at the age of 46 I can still hold my own against a high-school player (right now at 46, I’m actually fit-er than I was in High-school).

Very few Americans understand our football, I guess as in ours we actually touch the ball with our feet and the clock counts up not down.

I grew up playing Football(English), Tennis, Cricket, Field Hockey(never ever play against a team of girls, or a team of police cadets).

I was always better at individual effort sports rather than team sports, in cricket I was better at batting than I was at bowling or fielding, I think my dad was and still is disappointed in the fact I wasn’t better at team sports, or good enough at individual sports.


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