Feeling Blah

Just feeling blah today, I’m kind of tired of everything, went after a job today and, I’m just feeling – why bother, you know, I mean this job would pay less than I was earning ten years ago in England, why is it employers always pay us less than we’re worth, I don’t know whether I’ll get this job, but I sort of hope I don’t, I Kind of think it was just a waste of time applying.

I’m even kind of tired of posting my pictures on Facebook and Flickr and getting told how beautiful they are, by friends and relatives, everyone says oh that’s beautiful, everyone tells me how much they love my photos…. but currently no dollars earned from photography as yet, unless you count the couple of time I sold work for just the price it cost to print……

I’m tired of trying to be happy, I’m tired of trying to fake an existence here, and of course I’ve shot my bolt as far as getting home to England, by not using the ticket I had for Last Wednesday…..

Do I have a future here, I don’t know, do I have a future anywhere I don’t know…… Right now I’m Just tired of everything!


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