More fall Colour

DEADMAN’S HILL, and the Jordan River Valley

one of my Favourite spots (I’m English please allow me to spell words the way I was taught in school)
I love the Fall, the smell of the leaves, the rich warm colours (again English spelling) its such an amazing feeling being able to capture the colours…..

and Boy was it loud, a troop of Boy scouts where there to hike part of the trail, there where several Photographers, tourists of every kind, there was even a pair of circling Bald Eagles, though they flew away, perhaps saying to themselves Gawd!Look at all those people!

Another of my Favourites

The Dune Overlook (no.4) at Pierce Stocking Drive in the Sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore

The sleeping bear dunes where named by Good Morning America as the most Beautiful place in America…….

I can agree with that….. perhaps because I have yet to see anywhere more Beautiful…..


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