Constant Reminders

I’m Constantly reminded that I live in an are of Magnificent Natural beauty, Just driving from one place to another in Northwest Michigan fills me with hope for better days, reminds me that Beauty is ever present, and you never know what you will see around the next bend in the road

Yesterday I was out for a drive with my best friend Barbara, not doing much of anything, apart from going to drop off some computer equipment I had given away on freecycle… anyways driving down a road I’d Driven down many times before, I was hit in the face with an Awesome View!

I’ve Changed over from Jpeg to Raw (DNG) on my camera, it gives me a broader set of choices when Processing. thought it was hard to get Windows 7 to display Previews of my Raw images (took me a couple of hours and several computer re-starts) but I finally get to preview the images before I process them…. which is nice as I thought I would have to go back and change my settings again and do dual format (dng+Jpeg)

I really do love Northwest Michigan, its a splendid scenic area…..


Sports an English View.

I can’t really say I’m much of a Fan of American sports, Baseball, seems boring (and this from an Ardent Cricket fan), American football (a tame version of rugby, with Padding) Basketball is big in England (but of course its played by girls, and called netball)

But then I’m not a big fan of Our football (called soccer, by the Americans) either, even though in my youth I was an Excellent Goalkeeper, and a Rugged Defensive player. and even at the age of 46 I can still hold my own against a high-school player (right now at 46, I’m actually fit-er than I was in High-school).

Very few Americans understand our football, I guess as in ours we actually touch the ball with our feet and the clock counts up not down.

I grew up playing Football(English), Tennis, Cricket, Field Hockey(never ever play against a team of girls, or a team of police cadets).

I was always better at individual effort sports rather than team sports, in cricket I was better at batting than I was at bowling or fielding, I think my dad was and still is disappointed in the fact I wasn’t better at team sports, or good enough at individual sports.

Blue Sky’s and reflections at Clinch Park Marina

Took some time out with Barb and Had a mini photoshoot at Clinch Park Marina, which is pretty close to home, Good tip (they’ve took the Parking meters out, so you can now park down there for free!) the water’s where calm, (well until a boat came in and ruined them) and the reflections awesome

3 shot Pano looking back into traverse city across the Marina….

Once again stitched with Hugin

taken around 4 this afternoon

we was only out for 20 minutes or so,

but it was a very nice time out…….

Feeling Much Better, continuing to Take photographs and post

Earlier this week, I wasn’t feeling the best either about myself or recent decisions I made, Second guess myself a lot, shrugs, I’m just human I guess…. I’m somewhat afflicted with depression, but I don’t believe in Anti depressants, (plus I have no medical insurance, or money).

I continue to take photos, I’m trying to concentrate on Panoramic photography, usually I limit myself to 3-4 shot pano’s but have been known to do 5 or 6 shot ones from time to time.

I also toy with Hdr shots… so without further ado, here are 2 shots, both are of the same Scene.

this is the Non HDR version.

here is the HDR

Same Place, same photo, apart from this was processed as an HDR

Apart from a slight difference in Cropping these are the same Image, the second (directly above) is the HDR

However I cannot tell any diffference between the two!

Feeling Blah

Just feeling blah today, I’m kind of tired of everything, went after a job today and, I’m just feeling – why bother, you know, I mean this job would pay less than I was earning ten years ago in England, why is it employers always pay us less than we’re worth, I don’t know whether I’ll get this job, but I sort of hope I don’t, I Kind of think it was just a waste of time applying.

I’m even kind of tired of posting my pictures on Facebook and Flickr and getting told how beautiful they are, by friends and relatives, everyone says oh that’s beautiful, everyone tells me how much they love my photos…. but currently no dollars earned from photography as yet, unless you count the couple of time I sold work for just the price it cost to print……

I’m tired of trying to be happy, I’m tired of trying to fake an existence here, and of course I’ve shot my bolt as far as getting home to England, by not using the ticket I had for Last Wednesday…..

Do I have a future here, I don’t know, do I have a future anywhere I don’t know…… Right now I’m Just tired of everything!

More fall Colour

DEADMAN’S HILL, and the Jordan River Valley

one of my Favourite spots (I’m English please allow me to spell words the way I was taught in school)
I love the Fall, the smell of the leaves, the rich warm colours (again English spelling) its such an amazing feeling being able to capture the colours…..

and Boy was it loud, a troop of Boy scouts where there to hike part of the trail, there where several Photographers, tourists of every kind, there was even a pair of circling Bald Eagles, though they flew away, perhaps saying to themselves Gawd!Look at all those people!

Another of my Favourites

The Dune Overlook (no.4) at Pierce Stocking Drive in the Sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore

The sleeping bear dunes where named by Good Morning America as the most Beautiful place in America…….

I can agree with that….. perhaps because I have yet to see anywhere more Beautiful…..

Hello blogging world

Hi and welcome to what aught to be a roller-coaster ride through the wild world of Ian Pettman, My thoughts my photos,

yes this is me, I just looked in a mirror to make sure, and yes, its me!

the picture below is me too, taken by my best friend barb. HI barb, waves hi people out there in facebook land, and wordpress land, Just me the crazy Englishman living in Traverse city Michigan……….



Anyways a few things about this blog, it will be all about ME, my photos, my wonderful wit, or at least half of it!